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From: Walt C. Weatherford, Texas
"GradeScapes, LLC "has been providing us with landscaping and property management services at our cabin in Todd for over a year. They are honest, hard working, and very creative in their landscaping recommendations. GradeScapes is well connected and respected in the community, and has broad access to nursery stock and related services. They are great friends to have taking care of your property in the mountains. I whole heartedly recommend their services."

Taken from Brian "Doc" Adam's Blog and The Buffalo Tavern, Innkeeper

"When You Find A Good Professional, Keep 'Um!
Having lived in Ashe County a little less than two years, I have had my chance to run through the list of people who don't really understand the meaning of "showing up" and/or getting the job done. However, I now know some good folks who do show up and fix the plumbing or beautify the property or remodel your home, room, or deck. So, periodically, I want to share with my blog readers the names of some of those who have done the job and who do show up and take seriously the meaning of professional! I think it important!

Need landscaping done? Need someone to test your lawn and soil? Need someone to help you get your property ready for building? I have the man....Call Jason Roark, Gradescapes LLC at or phone 1-828-406-9293. He'll do the job right! He's done a great job for me!"


PO Box 1298 | Jefferson, NC 28640
Ph: (828) 406-9293